Our bears typically require one long sleeve shirt or one pair of long pants worth of material.  We can mix fabrics from several different pieces of clothing.  We are only limited by your imagination.  When we receive your clothing, one of our fabric artists will contact you to discuss your design requirements and suggest possible layouts of fabric and other features.

To order a bear, please send, via US Postal Service, the selected clothing, a check made payable to “Final Embrace” and contact information to:

Final Embrace
PO Box 1268
Eustis, Florida 32727

Typical turn-around time is 3-4 weeks.  However, if you require your bear faster, please let us know so we can explain the expediting fee and process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 321-287-0628 or email us at

Treasured Memory Bear pricing is based upon quantity ordered on the same date. 

Prices for our custom-made bears, constructed by fabric artists in our American Facility:

1-3 Treasured Memory Bears:  $99 each
1-3 Bears Shipping Charges:  $14 per bear

4-6 Treasured Memory Bears:  $89 each
4-6 Bears Shipping Charges:  $12 per bear 

7+ Treasured Memory Bears:  $79 each
7+ Bears Shipping Charges:  $10 per bear


We also make memory quilts out of T-Shirts or other fabrics.

Made from twelve 14″ blocks of fabric surrounded by black cotton, our quilts cost $250.  (Price includes return Priority shipping and insurance)

If you’d like a different size or color, please call 321-287-0628 for a quote.

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