Knit Bear 1 by you.

This sweet bear is made from a couple of novelty shirts.  The first had “scotty” dogs printed all over it and the second was a pinkish-purple with crocheted accents.

Our artist utilized the crocheting and buttons from the blouse to create the ears and neck-tie you see above.

Overall, she did an awesome job and the client was VERY pleased with the result.


Embroidered Shirt Bears

September 12, 2008

A grandma and a mom bear, made with some beautifully-embroidered shirts.

When we saw the quotes on the clothing, we just knew we had to include them.  Here’s the result:

Blue and Pink Bears - Grandma / Mom by you.

Blue Bear Back - Grandma by you.

September 12, 2008

Made from an almost see-through blue dress, these bears were backed with a white fabric before being lovingly stitched together.

The dress had precious few details, so we removed the lace from the neckline and added it to each bear, each of which our client wanted to be identical.

Blue Dress Bears 2 by you.

West Point Bear

September 12, 2008

West Point Bear 3 by you.

“Chicago Bears” Bears

September 12, 2008

A client asked us to make three identical bears.  But presented with some difficult clothing (picked out by the client’s young children) that all had to be included in the bears, we did the best thing we could figure out – we made funky bears!

The loud shirt has been turned inside out and is now the top half of the bears.  The multicolor blanket became the legs and the “Bears” shirt was turned into appliqued decoration.

To top it all off, we split the American Flag tie into three pieces and made it all work.

Bears Bears 1 by you.

Bears Bears 3 by you.

The UPS Bear

September 9, 2008

UPS Bear #5 by you.

This one’s kinda self-expanatory.

UPS Bear #1 by you.

Multiple Bear Orders

September 9, 2008

We love making large numbers of bears for big families.

Here’s a picture of our own family, which lost three of our elders in one year.

Family Bear Photo by you. 

Of course, large orders of bears cost a lot of money, even though we give quantity discounts.

Here’s our quantity discounting (shipping is included in our prices):

1 Treasured Memory Bear:  $135
2 Treasured Memory Bears:  $245 (a savings of $25)
3 Treasured Memory Bears:  $345 (a savings of $60)
4 Treasured Memory Bears:  $440 (a savings of $100)
5 or More Treasured Memory Bears:  Please Call (321-287-0628)

And remember, our pricing includes return shipping and insurance, which typically costs us between $20 and $25 a bear.  We’ve included that cost in our prices, so you don’t have to pay extra for packaging, shipping or insurance.