Mom & Dad Bears

June 27, 2008

These bears were made from a man’s shirt (the plaid) and a woman’s house dresses.


How Much to Send?

June 27, 2008

Generally, we can get one bear out of the fabric in a long-sleeve shirt.  Conversely, a pair of long pants also provides enough for a full bear.

However, most people send two or more pieces of clothing to make a bear with some personality.

Hannelore Bears

June 27, 2008

Karen ordered two bears to commemorate her mother, Hannelore.

One bear is monochromatic, made from black and white clothing.

The other bear features fabric from a flower print denim skirt and a flower print shirt.

Each bear has a heart on the chest with special message printed and a label on the leg that features a picture of Hannelore and a lovely sentiment which reads:
You taught us to…. Love
You taught us to…. Cherish
You taught us to…. Celebrate¬†