Antique Bears

December 21, 2008

Antique Dress (2) by you.

These clothes were sent to us to commemorate a young lady who died young.  While she passed away in her teen years, these clothes were from her younger childhood, when she was seven or eight and living in the 1910’s.

Holding garments that were made even before the Great War (WWI), I was struck by the history and the need to preserve the items as well as possible for the young woman and her daughter (both namesakes of the deceased) so they would keep the memories of the little girl who preceded them by so many years.

Antique Dress (1) by you.

The dress picture above was made from a patterned feed sack and cut from a simple pattern.  The sleeves are not seamed on to the rest of the dress, but are part of the wholecloth of the garment.

We marvelled at the handstitched details on this small dress (from her toddler years):

Antique Dress (3) by you.

Here are the bears we made, with ribbon added by request of the client:

Antique Dress Bears by you.


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