Smaller Bears

December 20, 2008

In the past, we’ve hesistated to make smaller bears, because it’s so hard to capture the intricacies of expression in smaller sizes.

However, we had a very insistent client and we decided to try it, and here are the results, posed with a regular-size bear:

Yellow/Pink Lace Bear and Small Bear 4 by you.

I think they turned out beautifully. 

If you’d like to order smaller bears (these are each about 10″ tall from butt to head), please contact us prior to sending your items.

Also, we recommend that you just use one piece of clothing, since the small size means that details like pockets and collars aren’t going to translate well to the size.

Bears this size are a $25 discount off our regular prices, for all quantities.  So one bear this size will cost $110 while multiples will receive the regular discount and this additional $25 per bear.


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